Monday, 4 June 2012

D.I.Y T-Shirt

What You Will Need


2.A T-Shirt

Steps 1,2 *Prepare for the cutting*

Steps 3,4 *Measuring*

Steps 5,6,7 *Pin - Draw - Cut the neck area*

Steps 8,9,10 *Pin - Draw - Cut the bottom area*

Steps 11,12 *This is how the T-shirt should look like so far*

Steps 13,14,15 *Then cut the botton part in 2 pieces like so*

Steps 16,17,18,19 *With the bottom part you should make 3 even pieces like so*

Steps 20,21,22 *Pin & Measure were the buttons and the straps goes*

Steps 23,24,25 *Sew the buttons on and stitch the straps*

Steps 26,27,28 *Cut the extras and you are ready*

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